The award winning high-speed patternless edger featuring drilling and milling

The Briot Attitude edger offers fantastic speed at the same time keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum. It is well featured with drilling, grooving, and milling. When coupled with the Attitude fully automatic blocker it is able to process highly complex shapes that used to be impossible for a patternless edger. This allows the Attitude system to tackle the most challenging frames and the slickest coatings at dazzling speeds.

Key FeaturesBriot Attitude
Superfast edging of all materials incl. Trivex & Tribrid
Perfect bevels (incl. step) on high curved lenses for wrap frames
Quiet operation

Features and benefits:

  • Integrated milling with SD (Smart Design) 2.0 interface
  • Grinding wheel for bevelling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, Tribrid, and Polycarbonate
  • Silent lens cutting operation
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface, icon-based
  • Automatic adjustable front/rear safety bevel
  • Continuous 3D mapping; visual preview of lens on request before starting roughing cycle
  • 7 bevels: flat, standard, mini, supra, tilted standard, tilted mini, step (e.g. Oakley)
  • Combined partial bevel finish (Bevel-Groove / Groove-Groove / Bevel-Flat / Flat-Groove)
  • Adjustable grooving & drilling angle 0-30
  • High curve lens processing
  • OMA/VCA compliant
  • Super hydrophobic lens roughing process
  • Chemistrie magnetic lens processing
  • Built-in accessory compartment
  • Wireless connectivity ready

High Curve Finishing

To ensure a perfect fit into wrap frames, Briot Attitude offers tilted bevel finishing. This feature is adjustable on any area of the lens and can be combined with any bevel curve as well as the mini bevel. This allows for high quality results and easy processing for frames with pronounced nose piece or hinge.

Real Step Bevel

Some wrap sports and safety frames require a special step bevel on the lens edge to ensure a proper fit and solid eye protection for the wearer. Briot Attitude produces adjustable step bevels with variable width and depth; the perfect fit made easy!

Smart Design Technology 2.0

Briot Attitude is capable of processing even the most complex shapes and custom designs thanks to Smart Design (SD) 2.0 technology. Smart Design 2.0 allows for full finishing of the lens without removing it from the edging chamber resulting in the final shape or design being made perfectly.

Accessories Drawer

In a busy lab organization is key. Briot Attitude features a custom designed drawer for keeping all of your most commonly used tools for job processing in one place.

Shop Embedded Finishing

Briot Attitude permits eye care professionals to show their expertise directly to their customers thanks to the introduction of a new motor with minimal noise. Through shop embedded finishing customers are able to see for themselves the level of technology involved to produce their personalised eyewear.

Technical Specifications

Width510 mm (20.1 in)
Depth615 mm (24.2 in)
Height570 mm (22.4 in)
Weight69 kg (151.8 lbs)
PowerCE 230V/50Hz
Available versions - All plastics: Four 90mm edging wheels: all plastics roughing (CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex, Tribrid, high index), bevel and rimless finishing, bevel and rimless polishing, tilted bevel wheel
- All materials: Five 90mm edging wheels: all plastics roughing, glass roughing, bevel and rimless finishing, rimless polishing, tilted bevel wheel