Norville Group App

Download our free app to stay updated on our latest offers!

Requires Android 4.1.1 or later.
Compatible with Android phones.

Requires 7.0.1 or later.
Compatible with iPhone.

Requires xHTML mobile browser.

Norville Group has launched its' new App. The advantage of using this app is that it allows users to view all the latest offers which are only available on the App.

The features are:

  • Latest Offers
  • New Frames
  • Online Shop
  • PDF Catalogues
  • Find Us (Interactive Map)
  • Our Twitter Feed
  • Our Contact Details

Additional Information

Some of the offers, which we publish in our monthly newsletters, are not advertised on our online shop because the order must be made either via telephone or via email. So please feel free to use our app to keep yourself updated with all of our latest offers. Within each offer on the app, there is a 'Call' button that is just one click away from dialing our number so you can make your order and claim your offer within a matter of seconds.

Please be aware that the frames displayed in the 'New Frames' tab are only a selection of new frames. Full collections of our new frames can be found in the PDF catalogues on our website, which is accessible via this app.