Patient Leaflets

Norville have compiled these leaflets as an informative sales tool for your practice. They can be ordered in packs of 1000 or 500 FREE to customers who spend 1000+ a month with us. Alternatively a small charge of 16.00 Per 1,000 or 10.00 Per 500 will apply.

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Versatile Office - Enhanced Reading LensesDrivewear Intelligent Photochromic Polarized lensesIs your vision restricting your hobbies?Polarised lenses reduce glareSports Vision SpectaclesExcessive sun exposure can be harmful to your eyesThinner and lighter spectablesTransitionsTrivexSportor - Extreme sports vision required?One pair of lenses, four times the benefit for your children!UltorDownload Order Form
Bereau Progressive Lenses Leaflet
Freeway Progressive Lenses for Drivers Leaflet