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March 2018

New Polarised MagnaShades available from Norville

Model: P1001 C1 (Black/Red)

A convenient solution for prescription users, MagnaShade offers a great alternative to carrying additional spectacles with the quick option of conversion to sunglasses. With a great choice of designs and classic colours, the lightweight magnetic overshade snaps effortlessly on to the front of the frame via concealed magnets.

  • Lightweight, TR90 polycarbonate frames.
  • Available in three colours of five contemporary designs.
  • Innovative magnetic polarised sunshade design.
  • Suitable for plus prescriptions up to +4.00. No restrictions for minus prescriptions.

Featuring five designs and with a varied choice of eye shapes there is sure to be a frame to suit your customer's tastes. Combine that with the very affordable price MagnaShades are certain to make a great addition to your practice range.

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March 2018

New VX36 Automatic Lensmeter

Perform lens measurements simply and easily.

This new generation of lensmeter allows the measure of the rate of transmission of the blue light and offers an intuitive user interface to enable the user to perform lens measurements simply and easily.

Features and Benefits

  • Measuring function and an optical center marketing function.
  • The VX36 displays the P.D and P.H measurements.
  • It can measure both uncut single lenses and framed glasses, as well as contact lenses.
  • Furthermore, it provides automatic detection of multi-focal lenses. UV Measurement, a wide tilting angle colour LCD Display, a simple and intuitive GUI and a printer.
  • VX36 measures blue light transmittance of lens. Too much blue-violet light (Especially blue light radiation from light sources or screens) can damage the human eye.
  • Lens mode - This mode allows you to measure the power of the lenses, either framed or uncut.
  • UV mode button - This mode allows you to measure the transmittance of light in the blue light (HEV) and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. The above screen, 100% means that 100% of the UV rays go through the lens as well as 100% of the blue light.

If you require further information on the VX36 or other Visionix products please contact

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February 2018

Mai- Zee

Model: MZ063 C2 (Green)

Mai- Zee Norville Eyewear our in-house value brand is a fashion statement that speaks to women who dress with a sense of adventure. With vibrant colouring, these frames are bang on trend for this year's spring/summer collection. The brand enriches everyday life, ideal for women that are always at a go. With affordable pricing, a chic feminine design with a varied choice of models in desirable shapes, this is the perfect brand for women. Mai- Zee caters for two different styles of women, one who is fashionably expressive and the other who is looking for a smart and classic look. The brand also tailors for women who have an eye for colourful prints and embellishments. With such a wide spectrum of designs MaiZee caters for a diverse consumer base across late teens and to the young at heart 45 year olds.

Something to suit all tastes with a collection encompassing both classic and contemporary elements. The new releases are great additions, with a range of acetates with a colour palette in solid, marble and tort.

To view our full collection visit or for more information contact Telesales on 01452 510321 or email

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February 2018

Progear - Sprinter

Model: Progear Sprinter C1 (Black)

Progear introduces Sprinter, a two tone sports wrap ideal for cycling. Lightweight, tough and Rx glazeable, this frame comes with a completely demountable bridge and sides, convenient for your customers. It also has a fully adjustable side tip with metal core covered with anti-slip, non-allergenic rubber for maximum snug fit. The frame comes with a clip-in shield-temple engagement system for easy customisation by opticians. Available in six colour combinations there is something to cater everyone's requirements.

For more information contact Telesales on 1452 510321 or email

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