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November 2018

Sports Catalogue 2018

Featuring a number of product improvements and new releases the 2018 Norville Eyewear Sports Catalogue features over 53 models embracing all the sports and action activities your clients might ever wish to participate in. With a high selection of children and youngsters models from swimming to the very popular EG (picture) action range of protective goggles. Package price frame and lenses options make these a value product offering. Sports Rx specifying is without doubt complex and knowledge gained through dispensing experience is invaluable. Ask Norville regional teams for prescription availability advice. Also a wide availability of display and point of sale items.

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November 2018

Norville Companion 11th Edition

After more than a years toil, readers will notice and understand why so convoluted task! Norville have drawn a line under Edition 11 of their Companion publication which is now downloadable.

It reflects the current fixation with UV and blue light and provides transmission/absorption data on many of the prime lenses linked to this fascinating and critical topic.

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November 2018

Racing Green

Model: RG002 C2 Green (available in eyesize 55mm -17mm -140mm)

Norville Eyewear is proud to welcome a new mens spectacle collection Racing Green.

Racing Green was founded in 1990, a brand built on the best of British heritage. The name comes from the green livery adopted by the iconic British motor racing team dating back to the early years of the 20th century. British Racing Green became synonymous with industry, endeavour and adaptability. Those characteristics continue to define the Racing Green brand.

The new Norville Racing Green eyewear collection is available in 17 models, each manufactured to the highest quality from original British designs, and displaying the iconic Racing Green wordmark. Colourways range from classic black, through to subtle shades of navy, brown and grey. Three models such as RG002 C2 below even come in the distinctive Racing Green colour itself.

Norville has always been proud to champion British designs, and the introduction of Racing Green into its portfolio strengthens that commitment.

To find out more about the exciting Racing Green eyewear collection from Norville, please contact Telesales on 01452 510321 or email

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November 2018

ProGear Urban Vision Enhancement Sunglasses

Norville is proud to present an exciting new addition to its range of professional protective eyewear: ProGear Urban Vision Enhancement Sunglasses built to perform, and designed with safety and style in mind.

ProGear Urbans new Vision Enhancement Sunglasses feature designer frames that are robust and stylish, and each pair is fitted with polarised lenses. But unlike ordinary sunglasses, ProGear Urbans new Vision Enhancement Sunglasses offer maximum sun protection without compromising an active lifestyle.

The new ProGear Urban frames are manufactured in high quality TR90 and come in a wide choice of colours from classic black to matte grey/pink to shiny crystal. And each frame is complemented by polarised lenses that give them that contemporary, cutting-edge look.

For more information about ProGear Urban Vision Enhancement Sunglasses from Norville, please contact Telesales on 01452 510321 or email

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November 2018

ProGear Dash II Sportshades

ProGear have long been at the forefront of design innovation in sports eyewear. Whether for cycling, football or other outdoor pursuits, ProGear has become the byword for value, reliability and performance. With distinctive wrap-around frames which offer maximum visibility and protection, ProGear glasses feature a number of anti-slip components that ensure they stay in place whatever your level of activity.

The new, improved ProGear Dash II Sportshades have all the great features listed above, but with the addition of:

  • Temple ratchet swivels for both way angle adjustment
  • Temple tip holes to attach head strap (strap included)
  • Improved nose pad for improved comfort and grip
  • Wider bridge for improved fit and comfort
  • Modified lens shape and depth for a closer, improved fit.

To find out more about ProGear Dash II Sportshades from Norville, please contact Telesales on 01452 510321 or email

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March 2018

New Polarised MagnaShades available from Norville

Model: P1001 C1 (Black/Red)

A convenient solution for prescription users, MagnaShade offers a great alternative to carrying additional spectacles with the quick option of conversion to sunglasses. With a great choice of designs and classic colours, the lightweight magnetic overshade snaps effortlessly on to the front of the frame via concealed magnets.

  • Lightweight, TR90 polycarbonate frames.
  • Available in three colours of five contemporary designs.
  • Innovative magnetic polarised sunshade design.
  • Suitable for plus prescriptions up to +4.00. No restrictions for minus prescriptions.

Featuring five designs and with a varied choice of eye shapes there is sure to be a frame to suit your customer's tastes. Combine that with the very affordable price MagnaShades are certain to make a great addition to your practice range.

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March 2018

New VX36 Automatic Lensmeter

Perform lens measurements simply and easily.

This new generation of lensmeter allows the measure of the rate of transmission of the blue light and offers an intuitive user interface to enable the user to perform lens measurements simply and easily.

Features and Benefits

  • Measuring function and an optical center marketing function.
  • The VX36 displays the P.D and P.H measurements.
  • It can measure both uncut single lenses and framed glasses, as well as contact lenses.
  • Furthermore, it provides automatic detection of multi-focal lenses. UV Measurement, a wide tilting angle colour LCD Display, a simple and intuitive GUI and a printer.
  • VX36 measures blue light transmittance of lens. Too much blue-violet light (Especially blue light radiation from light sources or screens) can damage the human eye.
  • Lens mode - This mode allows you to measure the power of the lenses, either framed or uncut.
  • UV mode button - This mode allows you to measure the transmittance of light in the blue light (HEV) and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. The above screen, 100% means that 100% of the UV rays go through the lens as well as 100% of the blue light.

If you require further information on the VX36 or other Visionix products please contact

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