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Resin n=1.74 Lens Products

Essilor have advised us there is a long term supply break in their range of n=1.74 special lens products. Norville use a separate supply source to Essilor for all our Norlite brand 1.74 resin products listed on page 104 to 111 of our price listing. So with the exception of listed Essilor products we anticipate service as normal on all resin 1.74 products.

You can now simply email an order for Uncut or Supply & Glaze using either of the order options below. For Uncut orders you can either state a diameter or choose to give us additional frame information, choose a shape and allow us to optimise the uncut lenses for best substance at no additional charge. The Supply and Glaze order form allows you to order any Norville frame and lens option.

This simple email order format is not verified as with more complicated EDI solutions so please take care when entering your prescription information. Norville will of course query any order which is lacking or shows any sign of ambiguity before proceeding. There is only one mandatory field which is your Norville account number.

Ultimately this new solution allows those of you who know exactly what you require to place an order by email directly through to our Gloucester laboratory, simply and quickly, we will take care of the rest. If you want to offer us some additional information you can use the special instructions field at the bottom of the order.

Hit the "submit order" button and we will pick up your order within our order entry department.