Two-In-One Optical Tracing & Blocking Devices

WECOs C.5 blockers are designed to make lab technicians lives easier. The C.5 is the blocker that offers extensive automation and every possible design option for high spec and creative work. This device boast Wecos powerful PROS feature, an optical recognition system that captures lens shapes and drill-holes automatically.

Key Feature ComparisonWECO C.5
PROS optical shape recognition
Automatic drill-hole capturing
DIGIFORM shape resizing (width, height, circumference, )
Shape library
Automatic lens centering & blocking
Freehand shape modification
Power reading for SV lenses
Smart Design feature for milling application on WECO E.6 edger

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design with maximum operator comfort in mind
  • Simple, comprehensive, high definition operator interface
  • Optical shape recording method
  • Automatic drill-hole recognition making rimless glazing easy
  • Drill hole management function
  • DIGIFORM function with shape modification
  • Automatic identification of optimum block size
  • Shape library with >2000 shapes
  • Fully automatic centering and blocking (C.5 only)
  • Easy-to-use by operators at all experience levels

Technical specifications

Width320 mm
Depth600 mm
Height650 mm
Weight36 kg
Voltage100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Meets following directives2004/108/CEE; 2006/95/CEE; 2002/95/CEE EN 61010-1:1993 +A2:1995.