The fully automatic HD camera blocker that revolutionises tracing, centring, and blocking.

C.6 features a highly sophisticated Hartmann-Shack sensor permitting it to make wave-front lens analyses of any progressive lens thereby revealing its useable zones and its power at any given point on the lens surface. It allows the operator to centre a progressive lens on its paint markings or its engravings which are clearly visible on the screen. Shape modification is super-easy and comes as standard.

The patented GraviTech optical trace function captures any lens shape including drill holes in less than 4 seconds. It even allows to tracing the frame optically.

Gravitech optical trace captures shapes incl. drill holes in seconds
Fully automatic lens verification in every point with wave-front sensor
Hi-Res camera revealing engravings allowing high precision blocking

  • Optical tracing of frames, demo lenses, patterns and edged lenses
  • Shape displayed on screen (scale 1, 2)
  • Maximum measurable diameter 80 mm
  • PROS 2.0 superior optical recognition system including accurate drill hole detection
  • Smart Design 2.0 technology on board allowing to create personalised eyewear
  • Digiform included: advanced shape modification with overlaid lens and power map display
  • Extensive alphanumeric library including 5,000 jobs & 10,000 shapes (patterns, drilled shapes, etc.) with advanced search functions
  • Automatic data transfer from the blocker to the edger
  • Create new shapes from existing ones using handy drill hole import & export functions
  • Supported decentration types: PD, delta x - delta y, boxing height or frame height
  • Decentering: 0.05 mm step
  • Automatic detection of single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses
  • Fully automated & parallax free blocking process
  • OMA/VCA compliant

Gravity based optical tracing

By placing the lens face down, Weco developed a patented method for optical tracing using the gravity point of the lens. WECO C.6 is capable of capturing even the most complex shapes - including drill holes - with exceptional precision in just seconds. The reproduced shape comes out perfect even on lenses with high base curves.

Laser engravings

High resolution imaging reveals the detailed laser engravings on progressive lenses. The user is able to decide on best centring according to the paint marking or lens engravings in cases where there is a deviation between the two.

Lens verification with wave-front sensor

WECO C.6 combines the best of both worlds with parallax-free centring and wave-front technology. The Hartmann-Shack sensor makes the actual lens design visible. This information enables the operator to provide the best visual correction for the wearer during the centring and blocking process. By selecting any area of the lens, the optical power and prism is shown demystifying even the most advanced digital custom lens designs.

Tailor-made shape modification

When performing modifications to the shape, WECO C.6 shows the actual lens map in the background. This allows the user to see where the power channels will be with the new shape or size, and enhance the wearer's visual comfort and lens performance.

Drill mount preparation

Working with drill holes has never been easier. With the new intuitive interface and intelligent software hole placement is fast, easy, and precise. Featuring a copy/paste function, full drill hole layouts are easily transmitted from one shape to another.

Smart Design 2.0

There is no limitation to your imagination while working with the Smart Design feature. Easily capture complex shapes and outlines and start producing wearable art.

Technical specifications:

  • Width: 350mm (14 in)
  • Depth: 386mm (15 in)
  • Height: 600mm (24 in)
  • Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz-60Hz
  • Power: 9.5 A