Patternless Edger With High Curve & Drilling

The WECO E.5 patternless lens edger has acquired a solid reputation for being a reliable workhorse at the same time offering a high spec package such as wrap frame processing and integrated drilling. The E.5 permits your lab to glaze the vast majority of frames and sunglasses available on the market today, including sports- and the latest fashion design eyewear. The E.5 S-Line has the same functionality as the E.5 for those who do not need wrap frame processing.

Key Feature ComparisonE.5E.5 S-Line
Super Polish
High Curve Mode

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use touch screen and icon-based interface
  • 90mm (3.5in) grinding wheel for bevelling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39™, Hi-Index, Trivex™, and Polycarbonate
  • Automatic and adjustable front/rear chamfering
  • Continuous 3D mapping
  • 5 bevel programs: automatic, front curve, percentage, specified curve, manual
  • Automatic grooving angle 0-30 related to front curve and height
  • Grooving with adjustable width and depth
  • Mini bevel technology
  • Integrates perfectly with C.5 and CAD 4 blockers
  • Wrap frame processing (E.5 only) due to tilted bevel technology
  • Integrated 0-30 variable drilling angle
  • OMA/VCA compliant
  • Special super-hydrophobic and fragile lens roughing processes

Integrated drilling

The WECO E.5 patternless edger comes complete with integrated adjustable angle drilling, saving you money from not having to send your drill-mount work out to a lab. Keep your profits in-house!

Wrap frame processing (E.5 only)

The WECO E.5 lens edger has high base curve wrap frame technology that creates a tilted bevel for easy lens insertion.

Automatic grooving relative to lens curve and height

Several grooving programs are available with adjustable depth and width. The grooving angle is automatically adjusted to the lens curve and height.

Variable mini V-bevel and adjustable chamfering

A mini-bevel is available in every bevelling program. On top of that, the system offers adjustable chamfering on both front and rear curve.

Integrated bar code scanner and accessory tray

The E.5 comes equipped with an integrated bar code scanner for labs that employ bar coded job trays and with and accessory tray on top of the edger to keep an ample supply of blocks and accessories close at hand.

Technical specifications

Width599mm/23.58in (Footprint: 527mm/20.75in)
Depth538mm/21.18in (Footprint: 476mm/18.74in)
Power9.5 A
VoltageCE 230V - 50Hz

  WecoE.5 All MaterialsE.5 All PlasticsE.5 S-Line
Mini Bevel
0-30 Grooving
Front & Rear chamfering
0-30 Drilling
High Curve
Polishing Flat
Polishing V-Bevel