High Speed Patternless Edger With Freehand Design Milling

The WECO E.6 is equipped with a new brushless motor which makes it superfast though quiet at the same time. On top of that, it is equipped with a milling feature which is able to deal with the most intricate shapes. When coupled with the WECO C.6 top-of-the-line automatic blocker, this combination allows freehand design of almost any shape hitherto impossible for a patternless edging system. The milling feature also allows the E.6 to process technically challenging frames and super-slippery coatings at full throttle. Its sister product, the E.6 S-Line brings all of the speed and features of the E.6 to those not looking for milling in their edger.

Key Feature ComparisonE.6E.6 S-Line
High Speed

Key Features:

  • Intuitive touch screen icon-based interface
  • Large 10.5" tiltable LCD display
  • Continuous 3D mapping
  • Integrated milling with SD (Smart Design) interface (E.6 only)
  • Grinding wheel for bevelling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39™, Hi-Index, Trivex™, and Polycarbonate
  • Automatic and adjustable front/rear chamfering
  • 6 bevel programs: automatic, front curve, rear curve, percentage, specified curve, manual
  • Automatic grooving angle 0-30 relative to curve and height of lens
  • Mini bevel technology
  • Grooving with adjustable width and depth
  • Integrated drilling
  • Wrap frame processing due to tilted bevel technology with option of sectional tilted bevel
  • Step bevel technology for U-shaped bevels on sports and safety frames
  • OMA/VCA compliant
  • Several special super-hydrophobic and fragile lens roughing processes
  • Chemistrie™ magnetic clip-on processing program

Integrated Grooving and Drilling

The WECO E.6 patternless edger comes complete with integrated grooving and drilling, saving you money from not having to send your supra's and rimless work out to a lab. Keep your profits in-house!

Integrated Milling (E.6 only)

The WECO Edge E.6 lens edger has an advanced milling feature using SD (Smart Design) Technology to process highly complex shapes.

Wrap frame processing

The WECO E.6 has high base curve wrap frame technology that creates a tilted bevel for easy lens insertion. This tilted bevel can also be applied to only a certain section of the lens, e.g. in case of a high powered lens on a pronounced nose pad or hinge.

Hybrid Bevel processing cycle

This process allows the combination of e.g. a V-bevel with a rimless or supra on different sections of the lens. The sections are variable and operator defined.

Step Bevel process (E.6 only)

This enables glazing of high wrap frames with a U-profile. The Step Bevel is variable in width (a: 1 to 3mm) and in height (b: 1 to 2.5mm) and can be delivered with a variable front side chamfer (f: 0.0 up to 0.6mm).

Integrated bar code scanner and accessory tray

The E.6 comes equipped with an integrated bar code scanner for labs that employ bar coded job trays and with an accessory tray on top of the edger to keep an ample supply of blocks and accessories close at hand.

Technical specifications

Width599mm/23.6in (footprint: 527mm/20.7 in)
Depth538mm/21.2in (footprint: 476mm/18.7 in)
The unit meets the European EMV Standards Class A Industry Standards

All Materials
All Plastics
E.6 S-Line
All Materials
E.6 S-Line
All Plastics
Plastic incl. Trivex
Variable mini bevel
High lustre polishFlatFlat
Sd technology
Step Bevel