Windrams RamX

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Ram X by Windrams benefi ts from a fl ip-up shield system which boasts interchangeable shield options. The stylish frame is TR-90 material and is a semi-wrap light-weight design. The metal Rx adapter can easily be clicked in or out.

• One size adult fit.
• Rx range +6.00 to -8.00 with opp cyls to 4.00.*
• Supplied with a sports case as standard which incorporates storage for all of the additional shields as well as a cleaning cloth.
• Additional copper polarised & crystal gradient shields are supplied as standard.
• Rx insert size A 45mm, B 30mm, Bridge 18mm supplied as standard.

* Powers outside this range may be available - please refer to the Norville Ophthalmic Lens Catalogue plus frame cost.

Windrams RamX Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Additional & Replacement Shields

Polarised copper & crystal sheilds included.

RX insert included.