Patternless Edging System

The Briot eMOTION is an all-in-one edging system that has integrated tracing, blocking, edging, and drilling, making it ideal for labs with limited space and for those looking for a simple edging solution that is fully featured. With the eMOTION you can edge virtually all of your lab work with remarkable ease and simplicity.

Key FeatureseMOTIONeMOTION m
All-in-one tracing/blocking/edging system
Parallax-free, optical blocker
Integrated grooving, drilling, safety beveling

Features and benefits:

  • Grinding wheel for beveling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate
  • Intuitive touch-screen icon based interface
  • Automatic front/rear safety bevel (only eMOTION)
  • Continuous 3D mapping
  • Grooving at fixed 10 angle (only eMOTION)
  • Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat
  • 90mm wheels for exceptional bevel positioning, even on high base curved lenses
  • ALL-IN-ONE Tracer/Blocker/Edger
  • Integrated drilling at 10 angle (only eMOTION)
  • OMA/VCA compliant
  • Super hydrophobic lens roughing process
  • CE compliant

Integrated drilling (only eMOTION)

The eMOTION patternless edging system has been built with integrated drilling, allowing you to save money from not having to send out drill work to a wholesale lab.

Integrated tracing

The eMOTION lens edging system has an integrated tracer that simplifies operation and saves space, making the edger ideal for labs where space is limited.

Integrated blocking

The eMOTION comes equipped with an integrated optical blocker making it the all-in-one system with one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Touch Screen Interface

The simplified interface allows even the most inexperienced operator to easily control every aspect of the system from a large color LCD touch screen.

Technical specifications

VoltageCE 230V-50Hz