Norville are the exclusive distributor to Leica Eyecare within the UK and Ireland. 


MONOVID® (Single Vision)               

MONOVID®                                             -       Single Vision Lens                                                                                                      

MONOVID® FF                                        -       Individualized single vision Freeform Lens                                                                                 Leica Eyecare | Home page 

MONOVID® FF RELAX                            -       Individual single vision lens Freeform against fatigue

                                                                           2 available Addition Profiles: 0.50 and 0.75 dpt

MONOVID® MIN                                     -       Single Vision mineral lens 

MONOVID® SPORT                                -       Single vision Freeform lens individualized for sports activities

MONOVID® FOCAL                               -       Free form unifocal lens 

                                                                          individualised in all directions of gaze

DIGIVID® (Occupational)

DIGIVID®                                                 -      Occupational Freeform lens for the digital world

                                                                          2 available near profiles: 2m and 4m  

DUOVID® (Bifocal)

DUOVID®                                                -      Bifocal lens, curved segment 

VARIOVID® (Progressive lenses) 

VARIOVID® VOLTERRA CONTINUM    -      Differentiated progressive lens 

                                                                         individual measurements 

                                                                         individualized corridor zone

VARIOVID® VOLTERRA                         -      Differentiated progressive lens       

                                                                        no individual measurements

                                                                        individualized corridor zone

VARIOVID® PLATINE                            -      Individualized progressive lens 

                                                                        individual measurements 

                                                                        individualized corridor zone 

VARIOVID® GOLD                                -      Personalized progressive lens 

                                                                        individual measurements 

                                                                        3 available corridor length

VARIOVID® SILVER                               -      Optimized progressive lens 

                                                                        individual measurements

                                                                        2 available corridor length 

VARIOVID® MIN FF                              -      Mineral progressive lens

                                                                        individual measurements 

VARIOVID® SPORT                              -      Progressive lens individualized for sports activities 

                                                                      no individual measurements 


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