Well as dormice from a winter sleep the nation is slowly coming out of its enforced slumber. For us last week we focussed on moving all those hibernating Rx trays and getting momentum back into them, I am glad to say the majority were completed mainly some glass Super Lenti still to glaze. Hard coating, VAC coating lines all now looking free, no service issues for glass surfacing (free-form) VAC coating. We have towards 300 Rx trays awaiting on various replies from closed practices and 800 completed Rxs awaiting delivery advice instruction. Otherwise all go across our 4 laboratories just longing on your orders.
Thanks and good luck.

Please note we are working with a reduced number of staff and we will do our utmost to meet all your needs. With the exception of a few specialist items all frame and lens products are available. We have set up a post direct service to your Px home address, just advise of details any compliment slip wording, we can arrange for ABDO Rx verification.
For regular production or emergency service just enquire.
Or contact Paul Willis (Sales Director) Tel: 07971 100333 Email:

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The Norville Group continues as an independent family owned business, based in Gloucester in the South-West of England. Our spectacle lens supply business was established over 60 years ago and is constantly being modernised to meet todays changing technology.

Norville operate a network of nationwide laboratories, in addition to the Gloucester hub, at Bolton, Edinburgh and Seaham. See Contact Us for details.