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A Unique Spectacle Lens Technology 

Vista-Mesh is a unique product. It combines two technologies into an ophthalmic spectacle lens, which can act as a shield, reducing EMR signals travelling via the human visual system.

Vista-Mesh has proven to give significant relief to those with more sensitive vision systems whose lives are affected by several electronic-created afflictions—estimated to be 1% of the population who are seriously affected by EMS, with reports to show it to be rapidly escalating across all ages, more commonly resulting in migraines causing considerable distress. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. We have never claimed Vista-Mesh lenses can alleviate all.

Many other ailments of dubious cause are ameliorated through wearing Vista-Mesh spectacle lenses. Whilst emphasising there is no apparent reason why Vista-Mesh should work, it does for thousands of people, for patients of inspired optical practitioners. These are real people with real needs seeking relief, and very many have found such, as their heart-touching responses outline. Please, within the bounds of user confidentiality, forward to us any unusual stories. Then we can build on the wearer experience file and extend the reach of this unique product.

 Unique Lens Technology                                                                                                                                                  

It really is there! Smaller and less visible than you would think. You will not discern Vista-Mesh by looking through it directly; rather, over a piece of white paper, look indirectly at the lens surface, and it will suddenly pop into focus.

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