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The ReadEZ system has been developed by Professor David Thomson and Thomson Software Solutions, in collaboration with Norville to provide a simple, efficient and very cost-effective way of determining the optimum colour of tinted lenses and providing these as coloured clip-ons for those who already wear spectacles, or as focal and prescriptions lens spectacles.

The ability to control colours has advanced dramatically over recent years. Modern spectrophotometers have moved from lab R&D to production control and can deliver extraordinary accuracy. This is particularly important for managing therapeutic tints, visual stress and dyslexia control lenses.


Approximately 20% of the population suffer discomfort when looking at a page of words. This condition is known as Meares-Irlen syndrome or Visual Stress. Meares, a New Zealand teacher and Irlen, a Californian psychologist, described the symptoms where reading is distorted as "jumping print". In many cases, the discomfort can be reduced by changing the background to a specific colour. One can achieve this by placing a sheet of coloured plastic over the page (overlay) or wearing coloured glasses.

ReadEZ is the modern, efficient and cost-effective system for diagnosing and managing Visual Stress. We can provide you with the Screening Software, coloured overlays, coloured lenses, screen tinting software, Uncuts and Glazing Service to get you up and running. The software is simple to use, and we will provide you with the training and support you need to become a ReadEZ Test Centre.