Pocket Clip Reversible Screwdriver


This useful design allows you to keep track of your driver by comfortably carrying it with you. Injection moulded of super sturdy non-wearing nylon with rotating cap. The removable hardened German steel blade is securely held in place by a steel snap ring. Blades won't slip out, yet are easily replaceable. 108mm long.

  • Pocket Clip Standard Driver - REF: 2058
  • Pocket Clip Fine Flat Tip Driver - REF: 2059FT
  • Pocket Clip Standard Hex Nut Driver - REF: 2059H
  • Pocket Clip Phillips Driver - REF: 2059P
  • Pocket Clip Phillips/Flat Driver - REF: 2059PF
  • Pocket Clip Screw Extractor - REF: 2059SE
  • Pocket Clip Star Nut Large Driver - REF: 2059SNL
  • Pocket Clip Star Nut Small Driver - REF: 2059SNS
  • Pocket Clip Handle Only - REF: 2057
  • Pocket Clip Steel Snap Ring - REF: 2049R
  • Pocket Clip Driver Set (all 8 drivers listed) - REF: 2059