A twist on the classic altitude mountaineering spectacle, the SRX11 has a streamlined design with additional eyebrow foam cushion protection and safety curl side locks. Wide elastic head band. 

  • Size A: 62mm, B: 43mm, Bridge: 16mm
  • Supplied with afocal mirror plano polycarbonate 6.00 base, UV400 lenses 
  • Black foam brow and orbit seal included 
  • Includes zip storage case 

Additional afocal lenses available:

  • Clear - polycarbonate UV400 
  • Yellow - polycarbonate UV400 87% LT
  • Polarised - grey UV400 16% LT 

Rx glazing:

  • Direct glazing in Trivex or polycarbonate 
  • Limited Rx range 3.00DS opposite 2.00D cyls in +6.00 base form. Tints & mirrors available.
  • Rx insert A: 44 B: 31 supplied as standard 
  • Insert glazing any index, unlimited range
  • All lenses, both direct glazed and insert, need to be +6.00D base forms