Barracuda 2



Adult dive goggle. 

A broad silicone skirt allows for a wide range of face fittings. Very low volume with quick-adjust head strap. 

  • Supplied with tempered plano glass flats 
  • Glass Rx range options - see below*
  • spherical distance powers
  • gauge reader bifocal with plano distance 
  • standard OCs only on these options 
  • custom glass-bonded distance and/or Bifocal - Multifocal 
  • ​Supplied with storage box 
  • Head width: 155mm

Barracuda Diving Tough Glass Rx. Full size lenses stock range. 

Distance Stock Sph (Standard PD 73mm) -1.00 to -7.00 in 0.50 steps, +1.00, 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00 meniscus. Other powers and cylinders, custom Rx available.  

Gauge Reader Bifocal (Plano distance only) Adds +2.00, 3.00, 4.00

Barracuda Rx Custom Bonded 

Spot segments or Franklin Split elements can be bonded to the inside of the lens plates. Extended range. 

*Rx powers outside this package range are available as per the Norville Ophthalmic Lens Catalogue plus frame cost